July 26, 2016

Accommodating luxury into hotels which are dedicated to Australian contemporary artists, Bloggers Boyfriends continues to vacate at another hotel boutique in Melbourne with the Art Series Hotel Group. This time, Bloggers Boyfriend dropped his luggage at Blackman Hotel! Melbourne is known for many things and here in the Blackman Hotel, you get to experience three of them- art, food and location!

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Two words; contemporary and quirky. Launched in 2011, the Blackman Hotel pays homage to Charles Blackman, showcasing his work in the hotel with modern luxury designed architecture and furnishings. Blackman’s paintings had a figurative style with an emphasis on imaginary and dreamlike concepts, particularly with his famous Alice and Wonderland series. Guests of the hotel boutique get to enjoy 670 featured digitally reproduced fine art prints by Charles Blackman, whilst staying in one of their 209 spacious luxury suites with balconies or even taking the time to participate in their in-house art curator tours. If you want to further enhance your knowledge with art history then head over to their art library. Fun fact: Before he was respected for originality and influence as an Australian artist, Blackman left school at the thirteen to work as an illustrator and a copyboy for the sub-editor at the Sydney Sun newspaper.

FOOD  Entailing European flair, the Blackman Hotel provides two restaurants called the ‘Fleur Depot de Pain’ and  ‘Classico’ which are popular amongst the locals as well as the visitors:

Fleur Depot de Pain: Stay away from the hectic busy mornings you often encounter in the city and head to a relaxing space in the comfort of your luxury accommodation. French for ‘bread depot’ the Fleur Depot de Pain is right in the base of the hotel, inviting you to experience French luxury eatery in Melbourne. A breakfast and lunch spot where a bakery meets a café, you will evidently find crepe and baguettes options along with the choice to purchase their fresh bread and pastries. If you decided to turn up later in the day for lunch then bite on their delicious croques, omlettes or quiche. If you want something sweet for the taste buds then you can also select some of their sweet treats that are gluten-free with your coffee.

Classico: With its walnut timber panels and marble bar top, their Italian restaurant the Classico is splattered with modern décor like its hosting hotel, catering elegant Italian ranged dishes. This popular spot serves quite the delicious dishes including traditional Neapolitan 10-inch stone crust pizzas, fresh salmon carpaccio, porcini mushroom soup to their fresh egg pasta with rich sauces and of course we can’t forget about their wide range of wines to sip on while you enjoy your meals.  

LOCATION  Located perfectly to set your eyes on the views overlooking the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay, the Blackman (located in St Kilda Rd) is also close to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Albert Park, National Gallery of Victoria, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. Being the closest hotel to the city out of all the Art Series Hotels, Bloggers Boyfriend highly recommends for any business and corporate individuals or groups to stay at the Blackman for convenient travelling to the CBD.   Services to hire a smart car & Kronan bicycle are also available. Address: 452 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Other Amenities: The luxurious Art Series hotel also offers their one-of-a-kind Blackman Gymnasium, queen size beds, spacious and private balconies, wireless broadband internet, 42-inch HD flat screen television and iPod docking station.

Thanks for Art Series Hotel Group for another luxury and indulgent experience at the artsy The Blackman. Img1184 Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Img1171 Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Art-series Hotel Img1179Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Img1122 Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Img1180 Img1162 Img1185 Img1154 Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne Img1167 Img1129 Art-series Hotel The BlackMan Hotel Melbourne

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