April 9, 2016

With the booming food and hospitality industry and the amount of cafés to indulge in Melbourne, we don’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed or confused with where to dine in. Here are the best 10 Melbourne cafés chosen for their uniqueness in their style and flair whilst inhabiting their quality and taste with the menu selection they have to offer. [Related Post:Top 6 Most Elegant Melbourne Cafes ]

1. All Good Coffee

All Good Coffee provides coffee from local roasters (Market Lane and Small Batch) with a small menu of six brunch selections including: doughnuts, sweet pies, pastries, bagels, toast with feta, beetroot and apple slaw, or classic grainy toast with Vegemite and avocado. Remember that there won’t be any chai or tea to order but the good news is you can order a cup of Milo. What happened to those days when a Milo was the only thing you needed before you headed to bed? Located in the CBD in Collins Street, a bright, elegant and timber built café is perfect for an intimate meetup or even for someone who wants to unwind without the company. Address: 423 Little Collins St, Melbourne

All Good Coffee

All Good Coffee via Broadsheet

2. Little Wish Café

Do you ever have a little wish that you had caffeine for that extra boost for the day? Welcome to Little Wish Café where they make your dreams come true in tiny pot. If you’re on the run and need a quick to-go coffee or lunch bite then head over to Collins Street and get a sandwich or salad in this small compacted spaced cafe. Good things come in small packages! Address: Shop 10 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne

Little Wish Cafe

Little Wish Cafe via Broadsheet

3. Matcha Mylkbar

A new café opened in St Kilda, Matcha Mylkbar is a vegan plant based coffee place offering a unique menu, featuring beetroot lattes and mushroom lattes! As organic ingredients and fresh produce has been commanding a greater niche in the food industry and appealing to more consumers, Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson found that there was a great market to cater for veganism. Matcha Mylkbar has eliminated the coffee and instead stirs other eccentric ingredients into your lattes. But while the menu is what you call unconventional for a café, you will still walk out without thinking that you weren’t even eating or drinking in a vegan café. Address: 72 Acland St, St Kilda

Matcha Mylkbar Matcha Mylkbar via Concrete Playground

4. Nord Café

A new, Swedish styled café in St Kilda, Nord Café lets you select from their blackboard menu, which includes traditional well-proportioned Scandinavian sandwiches and sweets such as the classic ham, cheese and tomato toast for breakfast. Imitating the Swedish way of life to take in the moment, enjoy the moment and to make the most of the moment in a small space with a modern Swedish interior.  Address: 157 Chapel Street St Kilda

 Nord cafe

Nord Cafe via Google Plus

5. Admiral Cheng Ho

Admiral Cheng Ho is dedicated to not only what tastes good but also focuses on sustainability and ethics. Serving fair-trade tea and coffee, the guilt-free meals are vegetarian with vegan options, including zucchini fritters and sourdough with avocado. Whether you’re hungry at breakfast or lunch or fancy a sweet dessert delight, this cool café in Abbotsford is the perfect choice. It has a timber fit-out with recycled materials, staying consistent with its pro-health and environmental theme. Address: 3067, 325 Johnston St, Abbotsford

Admiral Cheng Ho

Admiral Cheng Ho via Broadsheet

6. Jack Horner

To consider Jack Horner as a café might be debateable but let’s keep in the list anyway because it is definitely a place you need to visit in Melbourne! Combining a milk bar, grocery shop and a canteen including free range chicken, chef Matt Wilkinson and Ben Foster have cooked up a hotspot for a short meal, takeaway or a quick stop to buy your everyday groceries. The place in Weston Street is designed with modern and minimalistic interior with wooden stools and table and cool white lights hung from the ceiling. Address: 179 Weston St, Brunswick East 

Jack Horner

Jack Horner via Figureground

7. Little Frankies

Another newbie cafe, Little Frankies only recently opened in South Yarra, featuring owner Adriano Zumbo’s Italian family and background. Packed full with sweet eats including cannoli, ricotta cake and zuccherati – sugar-rolled doughnut cigars filled with custard and vanilla ice cream. You’ll also get the chance to feast into some savouries like their deep fried pizza dough filled with bolognaise and cheese. If you don’t have the time to sit and enjoy the old-school Italian food then head over to the counter to order takeaway. The café space has a modern and rustic decor with bold coloured dark pink stairs to enter into the café and its black-and-white check flooring. Address: 21 Daly Street South Yarra

Little Frankies

Little Frankies via Goodfood

8. Denis the Menace

Adam Wilkinson, who previously owned St Edmonds in Greville Street, has converted an old warehouse and created Denis the Menace using old recycled materials to design the open space. Creating an earthy and sustainable environment with cumquat trees and a planter box filled with herbs, recycled timber fit-out, old tables and a worm farm in the courtyard, the café gives a childhood treehouse vibe paying homage to the name of the café. The menu has been written like the mind of a child with dish names like ‘Running Late Roti, Big Green Food Fight and Kind of Like Mum’s’. Address: 106-108 Chestnut St, Cremorne 

Denis the Menace

Denis the Menace via

9. Top Paddock

An addition to The Kettle Black and Two Birds One Stone, which we mentioned in the Most Elegant Melbourne cafes article, Top Paddock is another café owned by Nathan Toleman, Ben Clark, Diamond Rozakeas and Sam Slattery. With white tiles, bright lighting, timber furnishings with booths and communal tables, the café located in Church St offers speciality coffee, wine, beer and interesting breakfast choices for customers including their bircher museli with lemon curd labna and green tea poached pear. Address: 658 Church St, Richmond

Top Paddock

Top Paddock via The Creative Issue

10. Sir Charles

With a modern, light and minimalistic styled décor with its white theme, high ceilings and wooden furniture, Sir Charles is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Asian cuisine that combining traditional and classics. They differentiate by adding a small twist to their dishes like their eggs Benedict with sriracha hollandaise, bahn mi and a kimchi waffle. Blending their own roasted coffee, Sir Charles which is located in Johnson Street is a place for quality coffee. Address: 121 Johnston Street Fitzroy

Sir Charles

Sir Charles via Broadsheet

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