January 26, 2017

Every office has one – the girl who does it all, does it well and looks good at the same time. How does she do it?

It’s a new year which means you need to step up your game if you want to keep up with the pack. Your body is like an iPhone and your brain is just the Apple ISO system, is it the new you version 3.12 today? Have you realised some new things in the last few days? Do you feel a new you grow on you? If no, you should because all it takes is some simple changes and new frame of mind to be as successful as Steve Jobs in your own criteria.

If you have an iPhone 4 in your purse or pocket, it doesn’t matter which ISO system you try to upgrade to, your phone isn’t going to reach its full potential. That is because the physical body doesn’t support the newer software or simply can’t hand the “speed” -exactly like our body. You have all your own brainstorming going on, trying to catchup with all the important work during the work-hours and prepare for the 7:30 am CEO meeting after dinner, but CAN YOUR BODY HANDLE IT? CAN YOUR BRAIN HANDLE IT?

I am going to reveal one of my biggest secrets to how I spend a successful work day. I have taken MACA ROOT PILLS daily for the past 3 years, I haven’t missed a day.  Here’s why and my story.

Three years ago I complained to Beige Renegade I couldn’t handle the “high” when I first tried Maca root pills, as they really boost my metabolism and wake me up. It feels like your brain is moving faster than it normally would and forget about feeling tired at bed time so it kind of worried me. I started to give myself more tasks to do during the day so that I would be exhausted enough in the evenings to fall asleep. It actually worked, so now I can do more things, also more importantly, more efficiently as well.


Here are some benefits I gained from Maca root:

Easy to access – Basically you can take it anytime, anywhere. Are you that person taking a 1Litre travel flask to work? Is that 5 spoons of instant coffee? Yep, guilty! That was the old me. I literally didn’t go anywhere without my travel flask with an insane dose of instant coffee. Now, I just take my Macca in the morning or anytime during the day I feel like I need an energy boost or a little pick-me-up.


Affordable – Maca saves time and money because realistically we only have 8 to 10 hours a day in which we aren’t sleeping or eating. Who wants to spend 20 minutes in a queue for that cup of weak $6 coffee anyway? Instead try taking a Maca pill every day for the next 60 days and tell me how you feel! You can enter the competition here.


Improve productivity at work. I want you to feel how I felt the last 3 years with all the creative juices flowing when I have a clear mind. If you don’t want a raise or a promotion, go ahead and stick to your old ways without making an fundamental changes but if you want to do better and achieve more, try my secret pill.


Do as Olympians and Hollywood stars. Well, if the Australian Olympics team and Nicole Kidman use it, it must be worth a shot. Swisse is the official partner of Australian Olympic team and they always have Maca on hand to save the day. Maca is ideal to boost mental capacity, reduce fatigue and increase productivity for us desk job people but it’s also effective in supporting stamina and physical energy. We might not all be Olympians but that after-work drag to the gym is sometimes all too much so a little energy pocket rocket to get us moving and up the treadmill a few speeds can’t go astray,


I know, but what’s the catch? There isn’t one but there are some warranted concerns about using Maca daily.


Q: I have taken some vitamins and health pills from time to time, I don’t feel any difference.

A: like I mentioned in my recent blog, it is very important that it becomes part of your life and lifestyle. It takes years for the benefits to show, the benefits you can’t buy even with millions of dollars. For example, you ruin your teeth permanently by not brushing and flossing for years until eventually they fall out. Even millionaires can’t grow a new tooth.


Q: Can I take cheaper Maca pills? Why do I have to buy from SWISSE?

A: By taking scientifically approved vitamins especially from a strong scientific team like SWISSE, you are in safe hands. We all know how popular Manuka Honey is but there is $10 Manuka and there is $70 Manuka. Why? The right source, the right machinery makes all the differences. Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Maca contains an extract of organic Maca root and is a good place to start.


Q: Do you eat everything organic? What else do you eat? 

I don’t eat everything organic, but SWISSE organic High Strength Maca is almost the same price as other brands so I prefer to spend a few dollars more so that I eat “the same thing” as Australian Olympic teams. And I do eat lots of things, basically I eat cereal ad nuts for breakfast after a workout, steamed broccoli and eggs for lunch, green beans, other veggies and meat for dinner as I feel these are the best for my body and energy and I also simply love the taste.

I get sick easily if I don’t have enough fresh fruits so I eat at least an apple a day. I also eat lots of Vitamin C and garlic as well, as I really don’t have time to get a cold or flu (who does?).


Q: How do you keep fit? 

A: I don’t work out for the body, I work out as a hobby, I am just addicted to my hobby. My passion is being outdoors and the happy mood that comes after a work out. The fresh feeling after a shower, the feeling of waking up before the world is all very addictive. Oh, another important thing, music. It pushes you to go further and further, no music, no workout for me.

If you’re looking an energy boost or a mid-day pick-me-up, Maca is worth a try. It works for me and hopefully my experience has guided you to a new way of spending a successful work day. You can enter the competition here for a free trial for 60 days and here for a competition starting the 27th Jan during the Chinese New Year celebrations. I hope you will win and this can bring you to another new level in 2017.


Looking forward to your feedback in 60 days when you bottle is empty! Happy New Year and good luck!









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