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September 26, 2017


The Marignan Champs-Elysées Hotel (马里尼昂香榭丽舍酒店) is in the prestigious 8th arrondissement of Paris, just behind Avenue Montaigne, where you will find the most famous couturiers, and close to the legendary Champs-Elysées and Avenue George V.

The area is also well-known for its culture: the Grand Palais, the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées Theatre, Théâtre du Rond-Point, and the Petit Palais. And not far away you can find Avenue Matignon with its many art galleries.

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July 25, 2017

L’oiseau Blanc, the rooftop french restaurant above the Peninsula Paris, inspires visitors to be fearless, creative and open-minded – just like its entire restaurant interior theme – celebrates flying aces Charles Nungesser and François Coli who attempted to cross the Atlantic. L’oiseau Blanc 坐落于法国奢华五星级酒店“巴黎半岛酒店”的顶楼,尽享美食之余,更能眺望埃菲尔铁塔,整座巴黎都尽收眼底。白鸟法国餐厅是出了名的用着新鲜的材料做着法国菜的, 整个菜谱都是跟着材料来走, 有什么材料, 厨师就出什么菜。真是creativity发展到巴黎的菜市场来去了都。

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Trend Report


April 19, 2017

The one, the only.

It’s supposed to be one of the most cherished sentiments of ancient times, a reflection of true perfection and the product of all the heart’s desires.

It’s also a sentiment that has become lost; lost in the extra culture of social media; lost in the consumerist driven market place; and lost from our hearts.

How often do we hear that someone fell in love at first sight anymore, and that the a significant other (whether a human or a shoe) is ‘the one’? It’s as though the modern world has made us afraid to settle on the one. Overwhelmed by choices and options (however meaningless) every way we turn, we live in fear that there might be something better, newer and shiner waiting to be discovered.

Instead of going in search of ‘the one’, we make do with alternatives, the easily replaceable place-holder, to tide us over, ever waiting for what we perceive to be ‘perfect’ to come along. Impatient for this perfection, we lower our standards further down a notch and satisfy our immediate retail hunger. This is risky business because, like taking the Big Mac in place of the filet mignon, for every place-holder we resort to, the further away we drift from ‘the one’. At what point did we sell our fashion-loving souls?

Case in point. When the Alexander Wang Survival Kit bag was fresh on the Vogue runway photos, I immediately regrammed the snap on Instagram. But it was not until one year later that I had saved the money to buy it. When I look at that bag, I realise how much love and energy I had put towards attaining it, it is not just a piece of leather or piece of utility anymore, it is part of me, my character, my story, my personality and it epitomises my personal style. When the hype had worn off, it was still ‘the one’.

People shop on Farfetch with the same passion for fashion. The whole fashion industry seems to have backflipped since Alessandro Michele took over Gucci four years ago, from minimalism to maxamilism. When everybody was wearing a Gucci loose-fit T-shirt, unflattering  Vetements stiff jeans, extremely tacky and uncool-but-cool Gucci monogram handbags, the industry was thinking “WTF”?  But in a moment, a trend was created, a trend we can’t resist. Michele created the one for so many fashion-loving souls.

Don’t let ‘the one’ pass you by. Take a chance, for he/she/it may very well be the one, the only one.

One of my ‘the one’s’ are these summery palm and floral print iconic Gucci Horsebit loafers are perfect to go with anything when comes to “dressing up”: from editorial wide leg trousers at a photo shoot, or out on the streets with sporty jogger pants to a formal suit at events, these Gucci Printed Horsebit loafer will cover it all. It even (weirdly) goes with fall/winter elements such as turtlenecks, leathers and rich colors like burgundy and dark green. Continue Reading…



April 10, 2017

“Florals for spring? Ground Breaking!” It’s the infamous Devil Wears Prada line which has transcended from season to season and instilled fear in the hearts of fashionistas who dared to don anything that resembled foliage or flora from September to November.

It’s been more than 10 years since Miranda Priestly, who we might add isn’t even a real person but a character, changed spring fashion with a single scold. Since 2006, fashion houses, designers, stylists and those with their finger on the fashion pulse thought twice about florals for spring. As quick and as a dramatically as florals as we knew them shriveled up, they’ve made a bold, contemporary and (what we think) permanent return.

Trend forecasting aside, isn’t it interesting how one character with one line in one movie can make the fashion industry abandon an old faithful, a classic that was so loyal to us for so long. In the legacy of designer Alessandro Michele, we should be avoiding the trend chase, not buying up just because its new and fresh, cherishing the old and decorating a faithful piece to give it new life. Authenticity and freedom are the new rules for fashion designers.

That’s why we love Gucci.

As florals bloom into fashion for another run at the spring title, Runway Magazine’s influence is fading. It is a major shift of power in the fashion and social media world and that is exactly why major fashion brand including Gucci, Balenciaga and Vetements are targeting the younger generation who are, in the majority, spending their time “on the street” (where street style was of course born).

The whole fashion industry seems to have backflipped since Alessandro Michele took over Gucci four years ago, from the popularity of minimalism to maxamilism. When everybody was wearing a Gucci loose-fit T-shirt, unflattering  Vetements stiff jeans, extremely tacky and uncool Gucci monogram handbag, the industry was thinking WTF?  But within a second, a trend is created, a trend we can’t resist. (*quietly sneaks into the Gucci store and buys an overpriced Gucci loose-fit T-shirt).

Not to brag here, but when I saw Alessandro Michele’s second show with Gucci Princetown kangaroo fur slipper plus loafer, I ran to the Melbourne Gucci store and put down a deposit on own pair. Back then, the sales assistant told me, “Oh that is something extremely unwearable for Australian customers, we won’t stock them, unless you want to do a special order with us”. Fortunately luck was on my side as the Gucci buyer happened to be in Paris for the buying season. Gucci Princetown has since become the most selling styling in the world and also became the “Bloggers Shoe”. It’s like a knew.

Not only have Princetown and wearing-slippers-to-work become the new thing in fashion and style, but also the old tacky Gucci monochrome has as well become the “new cool”. I remembered how I was told “only the rich Chinese tourist and rich second-generation-overseas-student” would carry a Gucci or Louis Vuitton monogramed canvas tote or handbag years ago, but as the new creative director Alessandro Michele said, “There are too many rules in fashion in recent years”.

We were forced to keep buying new seasons to let people know we were stylish, we were cool. We forgot the old things, we abandoned the old-good-times, we think the old Gucci logo monochrome is not cool anymore, because it is old, and we are all chasing the minimalism trend. Sometimes more is more, there should be no rules in fashion, if something old is a beauty, it should always be a beauty. We should cherish our favourite pieces and wear them again in different ways or add interesting details to them. That is exactly how Alessandro Michele interprets the making old things new, making the uncool become the new cool. It is the same reason Rihanna is popular, why Vetements is popular. Show your authenticity, have an open mind and break the rules.

GUCCI knitted vest: Mr.Porter
GUCCI loafers : Farfetch
Final Editing: Emma Clarke
Creative Direction & Drafting : Bloggers Boyfriend
Photography: Bloggers Boyfriend Self-Portrait with Nikon D610 + Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
Trousers with front split zippers: custom made by Bloggers Boyfriend
Make-up, Hair & Photo-editing: Bloggers Boyfriend
Location: Gordan Street Garage





March 27, 2017

It’s true the world can change in the blink of an eye, what we knew and were familiar with can disappear right before us and the new and unknown is ready and waiting to pounce, changing the world around us as we knew it. Sometimes that’s not necessarily a good thing but sometimes it is a change for the better, projecting us into the new and unknown, the shiny and bright, the contemporary and innovative. It’s up to us to embrace that change and make the most of the world’s makeover. There is nothing like change to invigorate the senses.

Take for example fabrics. Micro-fibre, anti-bacterial, stain and splash proof, water proof and quick drying – they are concepts the fashion and textile industry have been bestowed with only relatively recently and fabrics that have transformed the way clothes are made. Take for another example, Grana’s innovative active wear. The forces behind the brand believe quality fabrics are the heart of any garment and they literally travel the world to find it. From Tokyo to Peru and beyond, the fabrics “move” from their country of origin to the warehouse and to your doorstep in one swoop. The result is luxury-quality wardrobe essentials at everyday disruptive prices, and the best-dressed customers in the world.

Bloggers Boyfriend put that theory to test. Here’s our hypothesis.

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March 6, 2017

Toko Melbourne is the newest addition to the Toko Group whose other outposts include Toko Sydney and Tokonoma by Toko. Nestled in the heart of Prahran’s bustling Greville street Toko Melbourne offers diners the chance to experience the informal style of Japanese “izakaya” dining. Combined with Australia’s world renowned fresh produce and complimented by stunning contemporary design, the Toko dining experience lasts long after diners have left the restaurant. Jiawa Liu and I stayed at The Cullen Hotel while we were in Melbourne, which is only 3 minutes walking from TOKO Melbourne.

the Blackman Hotel || the Cullen Hotel Prahran || the Schaller Studio Bendigo || TOP things to do in Prahran || Olsen South Yarra || Melbourne Travel Guide

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February 22, 2017

It’s human nature and completely natural to look back on our past selves and mentally re-create our lives if we had done just one thing differently all those years ago.

I had always had to be the top student in high school and everything in my life was planned and everything went so well. It wasn’t because I was smarter or had great self-control, but because of my typical disciplined Asian parents. “Everything will go well if you listen to me, son,” they would say – and yes I did. It’s time to study English. It’s time to go workout. You have to eat vegetables – I remember it like it was yesterday.

Life is easier when there is a forced schedule and I never wandered about the existence of an optional path during these years. I thought the path I was taking was the only way to my destination – as my mom’s explanation defined, your destination will be a wonderful life and a great job, investment properties, a nice car and a healthy family.

Once we all grow older, and out of control, we realise how fascinating this world is, and we realise we can do whatever we can with a bit of independence driving us. So we let it be, we do whatever we want, we spend all the money on payday then starve ourselves for the rest of the month. They are lessons we learn and regrets we live by.  Of course I am not here promoting my parents’ parenting, neither saying learning self-control is necessary for everybody. But the un-arguable truth is, the result is so good when there is somebody or something there pushing you out of your comfort-zone and helping you during the making of something important in your life.

If you work at home, you would know how easy it is to let go of a day. A lazy breakfast and maybe a bit of interior re-arrangement can simply throw your working plan out the door.

Try this instead: grab your laptop, notebook and study material and head to a public space like the newly opened 140PERTH.  I hear your complaining, you don’t want to give up on your quiet and comfortable study room, your well-organised table, your brand new Sonos home hi-fi system or the air-conitioning.  But if you want to be more successful, you are going to need to be your own parents this time, go out of reach of your comfort zone and make today just a little bit uncomfortable for yourself. But seriously though, the newly opened 140PERTH popup space is not uncomfortable at all.

It’s not only just the study space, but also the perfect place for a quick catchup with friends at the healthy smoothie bar or Grill’d.

Here’s what you need to know to get the job done in style at 140WORK.

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February 12, 2017

Connolly presents its Autumn Winter 2016 Classic fashion collection and Driving Wear along with new leather accessories and bags, bringing together Connolly’s motoring heritage, design and tailoring.

All Connolly products are designed and made using the best fabrics, yarns and materials sourced and made in Britain and Europe to guarantee quality, longevity and an ethical conscience and sustainability.


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February 10, 2017

Hey good morning you! Let me tell you a quick story: it was as we left Saturday morning yoga practice when a friend confessed to me she restricted herself to two eggs a day as to fit in her wedding gown. I laughed.

There is no point in excessive dieting if you don’t:

  • Fork out that extra $100 on a blender and weren’t so stingy
  • Say no to that large fries
  • Take Super Elixir (the herbs help with sugar cravings)
  • Have a better long-term plan as to avoid panic right before the wedding

It’s a cruel and harsh reality but life does require sacrifices on the smaller things so that you get to enjoy the bigger shiner things at the finish line.

Do you want to have a high quality of life with less regrets? Here are my top tips:

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