December 28, 2017

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Merging from childhood to adulthood is part of the experience but no one is too young or too old for an adventure and the unknown world. While fans of ‘Jumanji’ were accommodated to a sequel this Boxing Day, I found my own way to morph into a world that invites imagination through a luxurious wilderness scene. Before you wonder where this must-see travel spot is located, the truth of the matter is, I was able to reach this world within footsteps. As imagination is a magical weapon for storytelling & experiences, Dar El Sadaka by French visual artist Jean-François Fourtou and interior designer Philippe Forrestie entices us to a mystic and an unconventional luxury animal kingdom, treating us with an intimate experience to an art feast (right next to our beds, literally).

With a touch of nostalgia of those much-loved children films and tales, explore your own intimate safari by entering through a tropical jungle to walk through the hallway between the living room and dining room. After entering the secret garden guarded by an elephant, you will be able to experience suites named after animals. The calming white hues, light orange colours and modern interior of the minimalistic Geese Suite commands relaxation and calmness which allows guests to wind down with a quiet and comfortable reading area and private garden. Opposite the Geese Suite is the Donkey Suite which has as much personality as Donkey from ‘Shrek.’ Refurnished by interior designer and ex-raid manager Philippe Forrestier, the Dog Suite combines modern and traditional Moroccan style, with a masculine and darker hue, paying homage to a man’s best friend. Kurt stayed at the spectacular spacey Dog Suite, which facilitates a bathroom and extended study / small library along with a private outdoor area. In the company of a long-neck and tall friend, the second-floor Giraffe Suite overlooks an olive grove and also features an outdoor freestanding bathtub.

Fitting for up to 20 guests for private hire and easily accessible by only a 15-minute-drive from Marrakech city, Dar El Sadaka is designed for those craving for fascinating art, animals and interior.  exhibiting Jean-François Fourtou’s work around the villa, complimented with Jean-François’s famous animal sculptures in the rooms challenges ones senses of the real world through  for discovery and exploration. After experiencing Fourtou’s Falling From the Sky, I was able to channel Bloggers Boyfriend‘s inner child at the Giant’s House (inspired by Fourtou’s childhood home), featuring three different sized spaces. Firstly, is the mini version displayed in the main dining room. , the second size is the actual version where  Fourtou‘s daughter lived in until she was seven and was no longer able to fit in the house. Last, the giant version where you will not be able to reach anything anymore.   



Dar El Sadaka Marrakech

The hallway between the living room and the dining room. It feels like you have to go across a tropical jungle for diner.

The Dog Suite_Dar El Sadaka

The interior at the Dog Suite combines modern and traditional Moroccan style, with a masculine and darker hue, refurnished by interior designer and ex-riad manager Philippe Forrestier.

Dar El Sadaka Marrakech

the geese suite

After entering the secret garden guarded by a elephant, you will be able to check out the Geese Suite, The Donkey Suite and the Ant Suite. The Geese Suite is decorate with calming white hues, light orange colours and modern interior. It aims to relax and calm the guests who enjoys minimal lifestyle. It also has a quite and comfortable reading area and private garden.

the geese suite-3

The chilling / reading area at the Geese Suite.

the Donkey Suite

The Donkey Suite is next to the Geese suite, opposite the Geese (suite) personality, it is all about personalities at the Donkey Suite.

The dog suite bath-tub

Bloggers Boyfriend stayed at the Dog Suite, with spectacular spacey and interior-focused bathroom and extended study / small library and private outdoor area.

blog.The Dog Suite_dar_el_sadaka副本

The living area at the Dog Suite. (Photo Above)

roof top_dar_el_sadaka

Dar El Sadaka Marrakech

Dar El Sadaka Marrakech

Dar El Sadaka Marrakech


Above’s all you need to know about Luxury Guest House Dar El Sadaka. I mean… NO.

It is definitely the part you can sleep at. Below are the part where you can not stay, but shall be the true reason you choose Dar El Sadaka.

Experience the another part of the property from Jean-François Fourtou – “The House Falling From The Sky”. 


Does this look like a regular bathroom to you?


Look at it again!





blog_the house falling from the sky kitchen-6副本


After experienced the House Falling From the Sky, we run towards Jean-François Fourtou‘s next crazy project – The Giant’s House

You will be able to see the three sizes of the exact house – one is the mini house displayed in the dining room at Dar El Sadaka, one is the real house Jean-François Fourtou‘s daughter lived in until she was seven and who is no long fit in that house and the giant version of her house below – the Giant’s House. 





It is confirmed – Dar El Sadaka  is the most amazing accommodation Bloggers Boyfriend have ever experienced so far, or shall we just call it a living museum? How about an art gallery staycation?


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  • Sophie Lee

    OMG this place is everything, whoever came up with the idea of this hotel is a genius <3

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  • Luc Herbergs

    Hi Kurt, this is such a amazing and creative post, wauw.
    Really nice.

  • The Leach Life

    These designs are absolutely amazing! You make me want to visit Marrakesh!

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