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April 30, 2016

We all know Dion Lee is the highlight of the recent years of Sydney fashion scenes, regularly seen on Margaret, Nicole Warne and many other celebrities. So what made him rise up to the spotlight above of all Sydney and Australian designers ? 

A force to be reckoned with, Dion Lee has put Australia on the map when it comes to local and international fashion. He has already skyrocketed with his career with honourable recognition from the best in the industry, which is quite impressive for a fashion designer from Sydney, Australia to be this established at such a young age. Sure, we all recognise Dion Lee as a leading Australian fashion designer but one of the many reasons why he is simply outstanding is due to his visionary, his sense of discipline and being a technician at heart.

Lee has conquered to debut his line of works of modernity and experimental constructional designs with movement to the Australian market from one fashion show to the next. One minute you see Dion Lee in NYFW showcasing his garments and next you see his collections being grazed inside the pages of major fashion magazines around the world.

While he may have recently lined up models on the runways for his Fall Collection during New York Fashion Week 2016 to create a visionary of modern silhouettes with oversized jackets and cocktail frocks with v-necklines to cater high-end markets he still manages to rigorously stick to sculpture tailoring. Teaming up with Target to sell a more high-end affordable collection for the everyday Aussie last year with active wear is undeniably making Australia proud as he made it possible for anyone to get their hands on his clothes. Seriously, we can’t love Lee anymore even if we tried!

He tells Elle Magazine, “I was drawn to the performance and active wear into the collection, the price bracket fits really well into that accessible range of price points, but also because it was something I hadn’t really touched on in my own collection – I could offer something that was new for me, that you couldn’t get in either of my own lines.”

Becoming the pioneer he is today, he sources of inspiration is highly depicted by the human body and its form where he’s collections are designed to flatter the shape of a woman’s form whilst implementing his signature to mesh fabrics to create “thermal images of the human body, manipulated to appear geographic.”

With such attention to his beautiful creations, his inspirations are always questioned in interviews which Lee would respond by admitting to being constantly inspired. His creativity goes beyond knowing what is fashionable as he lures a significant amount of his focus to the technical aspects. He reveals in an interview with NYCGO the process of making his clothes involves often drawing from his previous collections. “I really love seeing how things are made and the process behind the construction of clothes, and use those technical elements to inform the aesthetic,” he says.

Lee creates stunning and impeccable tailoring clothing suitable for a modern woman’s business attire balanced with romantic flowing evening dresses for the party girls and event attenders the collections ranging for day to night attires. Cultivating in constructional formations in the tailoring, Lee has further elaborated on this intriguing signature into his Pre-Fall 2016 collection, embarking with his inner mechanic with featuring hardware into the collection. It’s safe to say, that he doesn’t always play it safe! He likes to explore, elaborate and excite.

As one of Australia’s top designers, Dion Lee has joined forces with notorious fashion stockers like Net-A-Porter and David Jones and other retailers worldwide in over 80 countries. Lee has come a long way since being a Sydney Institute of Technology graduate in 2008 and debuting in Australian Fashion Week the following year when the caught the eyes of Australia market and beyond the borders when the first fashion designer to present in Sydney Opera House.

His words of wisdom for aspiring young designers-“I supposed the best advice is trust your instincts. It’s also about the aesthetics of the designer and making sure that the designs are made of a very strong signature. I think it’s very important for any designer to cultivate their own aesthetics.”


Welcome back Dion! Dion Lee will be showing his latest collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016, 8pm Monday, 16th May 2016. As Redken Australia ambassador, team Bloggers Boyfriend will show you how the magic is done at the backstage during fashion week. Follow us on snapchat: bloggersbf
Reference&Images: Gary Pepper At MBFWA15 Dion Lee Show//Style//Vogue//Oyster Magazine//TheFashionSection//
Words: Nilushi W. 
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