September 22, 2015

A cream, butter or lotion on your skin, not only as a layer of barrier, but should be a deep nutrient to your skin. I recently tried  SANCTUARY SPA COVENT GARDEN luxurious body butter. ( I don’t know if they should really call it a butter or lotion as it is definitely more watery than a body butter.)

I noticed it as it is on sale during Christmas from Priceline Pharmacy. RRP: 15 Now : 10

The size is similar to The Body Shop Body Butter 200ml jar but this one is 300ml. It is actually very easy to spread on my body and seems does not consume as fast as I expected.

When you open the jar, there is a very strong perfume scent, it is not a cheap scent but very artificial. so this may not really good for sensitive skin.

On the jar, it reads ” instanly smooth & soften”, well I never think this is a good thing: “why instantly? what did you put in? lubricant? there is not quick way to a healthy skin, at least not for 10 dollars, and it is not even 10 dollars, it is only 10 dollars for the period of next couple of weeks before I finish it. ” so this is a kind of barrier stay a while on your skin and fake a smooth touch, this is not my thing unless for whoever wants to or suppose to touch me.

Ok, so “FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP”, is to feel your skin, how dry it is, and how comfortable it is, I would rate this butter as 6.9/10. My skin is not as dry as I thought it would be, and it feels smoother and softener, but the strong scent is really not necessary, it is the generation for organics please.

so Sanctuary is a London brand, and this watery butter is actually made in Thailand.

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