March 27, 2017

It’s true the world can change in the blink of an eye, what we knew and were familiar with can disappear right before us and the new and unknown is ready and waiting to pounce, changing the world around us as we knew it. Sometimes that’s not necessarily a good thing but sometimes it is a change for the better, projecting us into the new and unknown, the shiny and bright, the contemporary and innovative. It’s up to us to embrace that change and make the most of the world’s makeover. There is nothing like change to invigorate the senses.

Take for example fabrics. Micro-fibre, anti-bacterial, stain and splash proof, water proof and quick drying – they are concepts the fashion and textile industry have been bestowed with only relatively recently and fabrics that have transformed the way clothes are made. Take for another example, Grana’s innovative active wear. The forces behind the brand believe quality fabrics are the heart of any garment and they literally travel the world to find it. From Tokyo to Peru and beyond, the fabrics “move” from their country of origin to the warehouse and to your doorstep in one swoop. The result is luxury-quality wardrobe essentials at everyday disruptive prices, and the best-dressed customers in the world.

Bloggers Boyfriend put that theory to test. Here’s our hypothesis.

The fabric is quite literally as light as a feather and it moves with the body independent of limits. It is said that what stops you from reaching the other end of Sahara is not the thousands of miles but a grain of sand in your shoe. The same rule applies to your workout. Pounding the pavement with 13 blocks between you and home is not the challenge – your shorts and T-shirt present the challenge. The sticky, sweaty and damp mess that is riding up your back and leg is more of an obstacle to defeat than the miles of uneven pavement ahead of you.

Grana’s innovative approach to the fundamentals of active wear, the fabric as opposed to the pattern, cut or shape, fully embraces and celebrates technology in the textile industry. It’s soft on soft, with just the right amount of stretch, allowing you to experience the feeling of a garment that can actually move with you. If that means a trip to the grocery store, the gym, or out for a hike, or even just smashing out some work at home, get ready because Grana has revolutionised the art of comfort.

Garments are crafted from highly technical, moisture wicking fabric that moves with you and are lined with a spandex blend to ensure the garment doesn’t stretch beyond the shell. Add in a stretch drawstring and welded safety back pocket for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Taiwanese Tech – Move

For their very first active wear collection, the movers and shakers of Grana knew Taiwan was the place to go for the best technical fabrics. Taiwanese Tech is a family of fabrics crafted from a special blend that moves and stretches with you. It feels soft, is incredibly lightweight, and helps manage moisture thanks to the unique poly and spandex blends.

All that is left to do is take a moment during a workout not to contemplate the few miles ahead but to appreciate you’re supported, quite literally, by true active wear innovation of Grana Move.

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