August 31, 2016

A good party suit is like your best friend. They both make sure you look your absolute finest and that nothing gets in the way of a good time! But have you always resented wearing your party suit during summer? Well in that case, there’s probably a really good chance that you haven’t heard of the seersucker suit!   

Hot weather , hot people and hot parties: Joseph Haspel who lived in a warm weathered town of New Orleans, found a comfortable and genius approach for those from the upper class to be able to wear a suit during the hot weather. Haspel translated seersucker fabrics into easy-to-wear suits and pioneered the seersucker suit as the “It Suit In Summer” where today, the most elite, fashionable and hottest starlets praise the summer wash-and-wear silhouette!

A well-suited brand: The Haspel legacy has expanded to a wider range of fine tailored and comfortable suits that would entice the current generations who crave style and functionality. Establishing into iconic status, Haspel remains to manufacture high quality and well-tailored menswear that touches on a mixture of supreme fabrics and materials and further touching into the lifestyle industry, featuring sportswear and accessory items.

Summer style for party animals and jet-setters: Since suits are traditionally worn for formal and professional occasions, it should be a surprised if most gentlemen may hesitate with the suit style when they want to relax and in-tuned by the summer vibes. However, the seersucker suit really does tick all the boxes when it comes to comfort and its SUIT-ability for a party occasion all thanks to the breathable fabric! 

Pool and yacht party-proof:  Summer is all about the good times! Like when you have too much to drink and you are dancing like nobody’s watching and spontaneously jump into the water with your clothes on! Yep, good times and no regrets even if you are wearing a suit because before you know it, it will dry off without damaging nothing before you head to the next party at dawn. After all, in addition to getting hot and bothered from a day outside in the burning heat, the last thing you would want to worry about while you are cruising through the waves at a yacht party along the coastline is how you’re outfit is going to survive water splashing over you! Kurt from Team Bloggers Boyfriend embraced his Haspel suit not only at parties but even when he was adventuring through the waterfalls and tropical rain forests in Byron Bay!

Essential and easily accessible travel item: The easy-breezy Haspel suit will be of an interest for the luxury traveller who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of being a security guard to their fragile garments. Not only is it easy to wear but it’s also easy to take care. If you’re a young professional like Kurt who has no time running to the dry cleaners between travel destinations in and out Australia then the seersucker suit from Haspel is your solution. You don’t have to worry about ruining the condition of your Haspel suit when you fold and pack them as Bloggers Boyfriend has tested it himself: even after squeezing them into the corner of a suitcase, there were no folds formed on the suit.


Luxury and laid-back lifestyle: The Haspel brand which originated from New Orleans has expanded the seersucker suit into a universal concept which has reached over here in Australia. In fact, the creative and unique threads of Haspel makes a perfect fit with the local shores running across the coastlines. Bloggers Boyfriend opted for his Haspel suit during his stay at the edgy Elements of Byron, wearing a cohesive outfit for a lifestyle of indulgence, relaxation and luxury in Byron Bay. Being a popular travel destination off the coastline for surfing and beach fanatics, Byron Bay has also become a stopping ground to experience the thrill of a party atmosphere where it’s all about bursting out of your bubble and having the time of your life!



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At Elements of Byron Infinity Pool | Wearing Haspel Suit | Kurt Geiger Men Landon grey suede tassel loafers

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