August 21, 2015

When travelling to another place, it’s a new adventure and kind of a fresh start for a that period of time.
Like for Sunshine coast, it is nothing but the peaceful salty wind and forever lasting pounding sounds of the ocean waves; for upper north Queensland, it is the forever summer rain scent from the grasses and bats covered pinky sky sunset; for Melbourne, it is the forever roasted coffee scent from hidden lane ways; and for Hobart, it is the stark and rugged landscapes, diverse architectures and inquisitive people. So here I am, to fall in love with Hobart for a week or two…

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Back to 2007, when young TRIWA decided to transform the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style, with inspirations coming from all the characters of Stockholm’s: Landscape, architectures and people.

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Each TRIWA product is a thoughtful juxtaposition of classic silhouettes, Swedish contemporary design and curated materials. So I brought my favourite TRIWA pieces to Hobart, where is a perfect match to TRIWA’s aesthetics.  

photo above : wearing TRIWA ( Transform the industry of watches ) Gold Nevil 

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For different places I visit, I would like to bring the right outfits and accessories to match the city’s vibes and my mood. I’ve seen so much similarities within Hobart and Stockholm. and here, at Islington Hotel, contemporary urban design crushes with rugged Tasmania history heritage.

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  I picked this pair of Smoke Miles for my hobart travel.  as its classic frame in a conservative green contrasting the metal details. It even matches the colour theme at the isLington hotel. All TRIWA sunglasses are made in hand cut acetate and stainless steel with contrasting temple tips.triwa (14 of 1)-6

food                               Breakfast with Joshua at The Source Restaurant Mona Museum.  and I realise my Triwa Gold Nevil  is like a little fashion chameleon, as I remembered it brought this 70’s vibes all over my Islington Hotel room and now, all of a sudden, at the glamorous Versace alike Source Restaurant, it is shining and glittering. Vertile, wearable  and say hi to my English Pork Belly       
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Wearing Smoke Miles Sunglasses above

mona car crush (14 of 1)

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Just discovered matt foggy green goes perfectly with soft & fuzzy camel  triwa (14 of 1)-2

I love anything classic and retro. Anything happened for a reason, especially the designs from the 70’s. People back then spent more efforts on designs, styles and details, such as the classic mesh straps on my Gold Nevil watch.

triwa (14 of 1)-4

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  • Jason

    really love the TRIWA wristwatch pictured above !!

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