December 27, 2015

There are so many fancy hotels in Australia: Hilton, Mantra, Ovolo, Novotel, Sofitel, Accor… these luxury chained hotels are like Superman, Batman, Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise, you will (have to) see them once a year with your friends, lovers, family, bffs, bbfs,  just to satisfy your own needs or theirs, but once a while or once a life time, you have to try something different, aka The Gift? or Knock Knock? Just like Islington Hotel Hobart, when u read about it before you going in, you be like “yeah yeah yeah, oh one another luxury boutique hotel.” but once you left, the memories does stand out from all others…  So team Bloggers Boyfriend experienced this most luxury and historic boutique hotel in Hobart recently,  where Tasmania experience just feels as good as the movie GIFT, without the creepy parts of course. or maybe you can add that when you playing games in that crunchy floored long-hall in the lobby.

Long story short, this is one of the best and most unique experiences in our life, everything here is personalised, you want a breakfast taste like Brad Pitt? Just ask the chef. ( well they said request reasonably! but I mean, tasty & good looking breaky shouldn’t be hard hey ! ) Plus they are totally complimentary just as free as your mini bar snacks and soft drinks, organic pastries and Aesop travel pack in your bathroom….


ISLINGTON LAUNGE AREA COVER “The mysterious automatic gate, the crunch of the white stones spreading all over the hotel front yard, heavy door opens with hotel staff’s greetings,  is this some kind of Kingsman movie setup? ” Islington Hotel sure knows how to provide their guests with an extravagant slice of luxury before you even started to spend money here. 

Ceiling-to-floor glasses doors, Ridiculously delicious home-made muffins and many other pastries by the sides of the  roasting marshmallows next and the crackling fires, reading Mona Museum coffee table book or looking at moving clouds dancing around the top of Mountain Wellington…. what a busy morning at the glasses-built pavilion with Joshua Clark just before our check-in, you will struggle to find better views anywhere in Sydney or Melbourne, I mean where else you can find mountain tops covered with Snow in Australia?  



Foodies rate a luxury or boutique hotel by their minibar and hotel restaurant, beauty queens rate hotels by the toiletries presented in the bathroom. Nowadays, not many hotels are offering Aesop Skincare or any other similar level luxury skincare brands, before I mention Islington’s huge white marble soap dish and stainless steel retro tray that came along with. The bathroom itself is beautiful and spacious, a separate shower room and bath tub, and the whole bathroom and hotel room is underground heated, so you will never need to layering your socks up but your feet still feel cold when being sweaty else-where again.

best hotel in Tasmania hobart Islington Hotel Coffee INTERIOR AESTHETICS

The aesthetics of this hotel building’s interior and surroundings is typical Hobart: with rugged nature on the side ( I mean, I was literally standing on a cliff outside their infinity fountain pool) and its cold, isolated heritage architectures.  It may look bit glum from outside, but it is actually sparking inside the crunch of the timber floors, crackling of the fire and the tinkling of the chandeliers. 

Islington luxury boutique Hotel Dinner Food Room View History

Islington Hotel Decorations Library History Reading Room Review

There are some shared rooms here at Islington hotel, you can read, surf or check their historical antiques and furnishing. Don’t forget to sample some precious drops from their own wine cellar at the hotel.

Islington is conveniently located in East Hobart, just five minutes drive from Hobart CBD and less than half an hour drive from Hobart airport, the hotel’s entrance is not very obvious as its own “secret-garden-kind-of” branding. Islington hotel is perfect for you to share with someone special as there are only 11 suites on site, which means there won’t be many around.



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