March 22, 2016

If someone was to ask you, “How you first came to hear about Kiehl’s,”- what would you say?

Kiehl’s is not like the other retailers in high-end beauty department stores.

The premium skincare retailer is known for its niche for not only formulating naturally derived ingredients and their simple packaging but for letting the quality of their products speak for itself.


Kate Moss carrying her Kiehl’s Eco-bag walking with her daughter via

Supermodel Kate Moss has even been spotted walking out with Kiehl’s bags as well as revealing to Instyle Magazine, “the Kiehl’s Crème de Corps is a good body moisturiser.”


It all began back in 1851, when John Kiehl opened up his own pharmacy in New York’s East Village.

The 153-year-old beauty empire has come a long way since its opening in New York and has now branched out to international borders, including in North-America, Europe, Middle East and in Asia-Pacific countries like Australia.

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Kiehl’s ranges from skin, body to hair and these products are not just for women.

In 1961, Aron Morse took over the family business from his father Irving Morse (apprentice of John Kiehl) and later introduced a men’s product range in additional to their unisex beauty and skincare cosmetics.

Their Facial Fuel collection  is not only specifically for men but can also relieve tiredness and stress.

One of the main causes of damaged skin is caused by travelling as environmental and habitual factors can affect the condition of the skin.

 As many of us like to travel, the Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub, Energising Face Wash and Moisturiser can be packed easily into our luggage and can be used for every day to rejuvenate, protect and reduce skin damage.


 Men’s skincare is just as important as women’s although men and women have different types of skin.

For one thing, men have higher collagen density than women, which means men’s skin ages slower than women’s skin do, according to The International Dermal Institute.

 Men’s skin is also 25 percent thicker than women’s skin but thins out more over time.

There is also the obvious factor of men having more facial hair and their need to shave the face!

 Kiehl’s men’s shaving products allows you to shave closer to the skin without the discomfort and to avoid sensitive skin, ingrown hairs and razor burns.

For pre-shaving, the rinseable oil ‘Close-Shavers’ Shaving Formula is formulated with Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood Bark, and Rosemary oils,  catered for moisture  and protection and the oil also softens tough beards for an easier shave.

 Their popular Ultimate Brushless Shaving Cream- White Eagle  which contains Aloe Vera and sesame oil also helps to soothe the skin during shaving.

Kiehl’s has always attracted a high male clientele specifically to cater to the needs of their skin, including the hottest male supermodel of today!

 Yes, that’s right! Even supermodel Derek Zoolander has collaborated with Kiehl’s to promote anti-aging beauty with a limited edition The Blue Kiehl’s Men’s Collection as part of the film release of Zoolander 2!

If you want to have the Kiehl’s experience yourself, head over to one their stores near your location and get a free consultation with one of their representatives, who are able to offer you free samples!


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Coriandrum_sativum_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-193If you have been a fan of Kiehl’s, you must know that they have created a few new masques with mostly natural and luxury ingredients such as cilantro, orange, turmeric, cranberry and Amazon white clay. Personally I found they are even more suitable for men’s skin than women’s, since the “tough” natured cilantro and orange can help to build up the defence from city pollution and anti-oxident; the crushed cranberry seeds masque are perfect for polishing men’s thicker skin nature; since men barely do makeup, turmeric is perfect to help adding natural radiance and energise the skin’s dull look.





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Words : Nilushi Warusevitane


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