February 10, 2017

Hey good morning you! Let me tell you a quick story: it was as we left Saturday morning yoga practice when a friend confessed to me she restricted herself to two eggs a day as to fit in her wedding gown. I laughed.

There is no point in excessive dieting if you don’t:

  • Fork out that extra $100 on a blender and weren’t so stingy
  • Say no to that large fries
  • Take Super Elixir (the herbs help with sugar cravings)
  • Have a better long-term plan as to avoid panic right before the wedding

It’s a cruel and harsh reality but life does require sacrifices on the smaller things so that you get to enjoy the bigger shiner things at the finish line.

Do you want to have a high quality of life with less regrets? Here are my top tips:

Spend the money, spend up big, spend it well, spend it on the quality luxury things that will help you in your career and health. Do not waste, do not spend it if you can’t afford. For example, when I first moved in to my dream place, I picked a cheap vegetable steamer for everyday quick clean meals. But it was so cheap I was afraid of the harmful chemicals when it heats up plus it was too complicated to use and I lost sight of the pleasure of cooking; it was inconvenient to clean as well which is a massive turn off and meant even the simplest process of steaming veggies was a hassle.

On the flip side, if I had budgeted a little more towards my purchase, I would have had a beautiful kitchen appliance in my kitchen, saved plenty of time on assembly and washing and enjoyed more pleasant cooking.


I learnt my lesson the second time and picked the Kitchen Aid Australia Pro Line Blender with thermal control jar when I was looking for my breakfast protein and smoothie blender.

I got to pick just the right red colour to match my other kitchen appliances, plus it became addictive to use it everyday for my morning immune-system-boosting smoothie. I can thank its luxury smooth shape and easy to operate system for that.

It makes the whole process of making my healthy smoothies everyday no longer a pain in the ass and instead, I enjoy mixing different vegetables and fruits everyday for a healthier, happier life. Plus I have a lot more trust in the brand so it was an easy choice. Also, since you spent so much money on it, how can you waste it by not using it as much as you can?

So have a guess, who is meeting with clients when everybody else is calling in sick and fighting with seasonal flu? (The meeting is possibly at Bloggers boyfriend HQ somewhere near the kitchen so we get to showoff our luxury Kitchen Aid appliances. ) When using cheap appliance, it take away your passion for cooking and making day by day, oppositely, the luxury ones, it is an addiction. You get sick is not something about “bad luck” or the weather is that horrible recently, are you are not taking things going inside your body seriously enough?

See below of my full review of this solid & powerful baby:

Kitchen_Aid_Blender-3No matter it is sitting on a rusted bench top or a modern-interiored kitchen, the silhouette of the Pro Line blender can hardly go wrong.


Personally, one of my favourite parts about the Pro Line Blender is that the bottom handles come extremely convenient for moving and cleaning.





The whole making and operating is extremely easy and pleasant, nothing complicated.










The solid heavy metal base and elegant Apple Red colour make you can’t resist the styles and value they add up to your old dull looking kitchen. ( Perfect way to brighten up your kitchen) It comes with a easy-to-clean design and offers extra stability on the counter. Backed with a 10 year warranty.



Review: The Pro Line blender is extremely easy to operate, one dial, one switch, sit and wait to enjoy your smoothie or warmed up soup.



Extra Value and function: KitchenAid’s exclusive Thermal Control Jar allows you to blend and heat soup in only five minutes. And by using the Adapti-BlendTM Soup recipe setting, you can heat soups and sauces, while the outer jar remains cool.



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