September 10, 2015

I am that particular kind of person who goes crazy on one thing for a really long time before completely shifting to another. For the whole 2015 Australian winter, I have been wearing fuzzy greys and cozy camels as you all know. It has been a long time since planning to shift to another new person completely in red for the coming fall.  One thing to Exacerbate that ( wardrobe shifting ) habit is that when you spotted the hottest silhouettes of the coming runway seasons ( in red ) from the the same brand — Calibre.

Kurt wearing Calibre Red cotton-linen Double Breast Blazer | Calibre red biker jeans 

5 Calibre (14 of 1)-23 Calibre (14 of 1)副本2 Calibre (14 of 9)1 Calibre (22 of 9)

Photography & Creative Director Jiawa Liu

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First Name


light room-ed (15 of 6)

At Hillarys Boat Harbour, with Jiawa Liu from Wearing Calibre ribbed biker jeans in red, red colour double breast blazer in summer linen and cotton with pointing lapels. Asos oversized and bold framed wayfarer. LOUIS VUITTON iCare men’s messenger.

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  • Adrián Oslé

    Great style!!


    • Kurt

      thank you so much man!! Glad you liked it !

  • Jonathan Zegbe


    epic post! 😉 I have no words man. pure perfection
    New Look on

    Greets Jon

    • Kurt

      Thanks man. your editorial photos are much more epic than mine ! I always go there and steal ideas hehe.

  • fixatedfaiyaz

    omg kurt. you look so good in red! also, you need to give me some tips to get abs like yours haha

    xx Fai

    • Kurt

      try swimming lovie ! 1.5 hours a day. dont get out of the pool until you done !

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