January 19, 2017

How comfortable can mens’ jeans be?

What is the right fit for your boyfriend’s body type?

What is the right cut for your man?

Can masculine legs really look good in skinny jeans?

How to wear jeans to look sharp, clean and sexy or to create the illusion of longer legs?

They are the fundamental research questions which the multi-billion global jeans industry is based on and the ethos behind the perfect pair of jeans. The classic denim pant has come a long way from its debut in the 1990s but the art of finding the perfect pair is still a challenge contemporary audiences are battling.

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There are so many different designs and labels when it comes to jeans, this and that kind of material, denim, thin or thick. It is almost impossible to buy jeans for us men when typically we refuse to go shopping. So here we are, revelaing the tips of the trade and helping to solve solve another boyfriend problem by reviewing some of the hottest men’s jeans in season.


Bloggers Boyfriend has always been an advocate for the saying “comfort comes first, style comes second”. We are always hunting for that perfect pair of jeans that are not only comfortable and breathable in summer but also make us look on fire! Some top brands Bloggers boyfriend has always favoured include J Brand Jeans, Ksubi Australia, ZARA MAN, Levi’s, Assembly Label and ASOS MEN and H&M.


Let’s talk about J Brand Jeans latest men’s collection first.  I’m impressed! We got the chance to have a closer look and get the feel of  the new MICK SKINNY FIT IN TRIVOR and BEARDEN MOTO IN ASPHALT. The BEARDEN MOTO IN ASPHALT, made from luxe French terry, is soft and cozy like marshmellow but make you look all dressed-up and ready for a motorbike ride (see above). They’re comfortable but have just enough structure to carry an outfit from the street to an event with a dress code demanding more from typical denim.


Tip 01. You should always buy from specialty companies if you can’t decide which jeans best suit your wardrobe. It’s the same concept in force as when you not sure what the best running shoes are, you go to NIKE, not a shopping mall’s shoe counter. When you need some special flowers, you go to a flower market or the biggest florist, not some local store or 7-11. J Brand are the master of jeans and the know it all. They have been specialising in high-end and classic jeans for decades: they research, they experiment and they test. Time and time again J Brand come to the denim party and deliver the perfectly designed goods. You or your man are in safe hands here.


Tip 02. Don’t just look at the price tag.  Why should you spend almost $300 on expensive jeans like J brand when ZARA jeans are only $59 and they look amazing? Here’s why. ZARA does offer mens jeans in amazing cuts, even Bloggers Boyfriends can’t stop going back. The problem is that the denim material they use is in comparison much cheaper than their competitors. Don’t be surprised if these fall apart within the year. But one good thing about ZARA MAN’s jeans is that they are perfect for people who have thicker, more masculine legs, as the denim is much thinner than other brands, so they somehow make chunky legs look slender compared to when in other denim.


Tip 03. Don’t just blindly follow the trend without analysing your own body type and the quality of jeans.  TOPMAN jeans are thicker, the denim is stronger, they withstand the test of time and they are great for skinny legs as they add volume in all the right places. In comparison, ZARA Jeans are thinner, more elastic and mostly cropped this season, which is perfect for chunky legs, masculine legs and fat legs, but they won’t last long and fade easily. H&M always offers a great variety of jeans such as low rise, medium rise and high wise jeans.  ASOS on the another hand offers slim, skinny and extremely skinny for different modern trends. It’s best to spend the time and effort shopping around and trying some pieces on before parting with your cash. You’ll thank yourself later.


Team Bloggers boyfriend are definitely trying very hard to test as many jeans as possible in the coming month so to meet different needs! It’s a tough challenge but duty calls!


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DSC_4808副本AB copy 6

DSC_4808副本AB copy 5

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Photo above – ASOS MEN pink skinny jeans with ripped knees

FS-embroidered jeans-9副本

embroidered jeans-17

Photo above – ASOS MEN skinny jeans with dragon and fire embroiders and ripped hem at the back.



Photo above – ZARA MAN skinny jeans with cropped and ripped hem and knee cutout.

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