September 2, 2016

In today’s world, new innovation and design wouldn’t exist without a history of style and trends. With a recent retro comeback in the style game, it’s no surprise that influencers of all creative fields, like Bloggers Boyfriend are infatuated by  60s and 70s chic. Here you will get an insight into a space where the old meets the new. Bloggers Boyfriend will give you the lowdown on a brand new apartment, inviting you into a spacious luxury accommodation with modern furnishing and a splashing twist of 60s and 70s interior.

ACCOMMODATION: The Wes Apartment is a great example of how the modern world still continues to depict styles from past eras. In the 70’s, it was all about the earthy and natural tones with a focus on the environment (there was an energy crisis during that time). The Wes Apartment which is under the Punthill Hotel Group is furnished with a balance of timber flooring, wooden and the white slick fixtures that truly pay homage to the 70’s with a nomadic flair, particularly with the chairs and tables. With a masterful interior eye, the minimalistic panache of this apartment is further illuminated with lighting to enhance a clean and pure appearance.  At the same time, there are few accents of character with artistic paintings as well as pops of colour and wooden veneers which resemble 60s style. In this stylish luxury space which includes free access to WI-FI and Netflix, a huge balcony, where you can view beautiful high-rise buildings.

DISADVANTAGES: The bathroom is quite small with the bathroom seat and the sink in particular positioned really low. The kitchen is not that big and the smoke alarm is right above the kitchen so you are going to be doomed if the smoke alarm going off all the time. Some of the key features including the lamps from the photos advertised on Airbnb are missing, however the ad does state “images displayed for each apartment are indicative only.” The Wi-Fi password (which is on the internet adaptor body inside your wardrobe) has either the wrong username or the password from the welcome paper.

WHERE TO GO: When you are lucky enough to visit Melbourne, make the most of it and experience everything Melbourne has to offer as the Wes Apartment is in the perfect location to do just that! Melbourne is a city where it’s not about what you have but it’s what you do with what you have. This goes for luxury too! For example, as you are conveniently located across the street from the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex (FYI very accessible taxi service) there are restaurants, bars, concerts and events. So it’s still affordable to take advantage of the most luxurious hotel and accommodation without going broke! Other convenient locations and attractions include Exhibition Centre, CBD & Trams, three-minute walking distance to 24-hour convenient store, McDonalds and South Melbourne Shopping Centre (which including Woolworths, Post Office and all other services).

LEISURE: One of the best ways to keep healthy and relax is to working out, so Bloggers Boyfriend recommends hitting the Melbourne Aquatic and Sports Center before they close at 10pm on weekdays and 8pm on weekends. BONUS: Unlike most sports centers you are not pressured to get out of the water 15 minutes before closing time! If you are wondering what to do on the weekends then why not stroll to the South Melbourne Market.

TRAVEL TIP: Have you thought about travelling with an Uber? It’s one of the easiest spots to hail an Uber in the city and if you use the Uber App it should only take less than 3 minutes for the waiting time. It should cost about $6 dollars to travel to Melbourne Aquatic and Sports Center and if you take an Uber to Bourke Street Mall, it should cost about $11 dollars.

Do you love Melbourne and the local interior culture as much as Bloggers Boyfriend? If you want to come and visit, then book the Wes Apartment with Airbnb here.

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