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April 19, 2017

The one, the only.

It’s supposed to be one of the most cherished sentiments of ancient times, a reflection of true perfection and the product of all the heart’s desires.

It’s also a sentiment that has become lost; lost in the extra culture of social media; lost in the consumerist driven market place; and lost from our hearts.

How often do we hear that someone fell in love at first sight anymore, and that the a significant other (whether a human or a shoe) is ‘the one’? It’s as though the modern world has made us afraid to settle on the one. Overwhelmed by choices and options (however meaningless) every way we turn, we live in fear that there might be something better, newer and shiner waiting to be discovered.

Instead of going in search of ‘the one’, we make do with alternatives, the easily replaceable place-holder, to tide us over, ever waiting for what we perceive to be ‘perfect’ to come along. Impatient for this perfection, we lower our standards further down a notch and satisfy our immediate retail hunger. This is risky business because, like taking the Big Mac in place of the filet mignon, for every place-holder we resort to, the further away we drift from ‘the one’. At what point did we sell our fashion-loving souls?

Case in point. When the Alexander Wang Survival Kit bag was fresh on the Vogue runway photos, I immediately regrammed the snap on Instagram. But it was not until one year later that I had saved the money to buy it. When I look at that bag, I realise how much love and energy I had put towards attaining it, it is not just a piece of leather or piece of utility anymore, it is part of me, my character, my story, my personality and it epitomises my personal style. When the hype had worn off, it was still ‘the one’.

People shop on Farfetch with the same passion for fashion. The whole fashion industry seems to have backflipped since Alessandro Michele took over Gucci four years ago, from minimalism to maxamilism. When everybody was wearing a Gucci loose-fit T-shirt, unflattering  Vetements stiff jeans, extremely tacky and uncool-but-cool Gucci monogram handbags, the industry was thinking “WTF”?  But in a moment, a trend was created, a trend we can’t resist. Michele created the one for so many fashion-loving souls.

Don’t let ‘the one’ pass you by. Take a chance, for he/she/it may very well be the one, the only one.

One of my ‘the one’s’ are these summery palm and floral print iconic Gucci Horsebit loafers are perfect to go with anything when comes to “dressing up”: from editorial wide leg trousers at a photo shoot, or out on the streets with sporty jogger pants to a formal suit at events, these Gucci Printed Horsebit loafer will cover it all. It even (weirdly) goes with fall/winter elements such as turtlenecks, leathers and rich colors like burgundy and dark green.




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  • The Leach Life

    This post has inspired me so much! Love the way you write.

    The Leach Life |

  • August

    I agree with every sentence that you wrote, even screenshoted the 4th paragraph, that’s so true ! And love your second outfit !

    ‘Share’ by August Harvest

  • Ellie

    I’m abseloutly in love with you blog! And your shoes, haha!;-)<3

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