September 26, 2016

Team Bloggers Boyfriend recently travelled to Sydney and was lucky enough to hop on board on one of the most luxurious private yachts overnight! As Toranga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House were right under our noses, it officially became one of the most luxury Sydney travel trips we have ever experienced. So now we want share some tips and tricks to prepare you for your next (or first) yacht trip plus we have a SPECIAL OFFER for all our #BBF readers so keep reading!

Weather– The weather is going to make all the difference to your trip and will also determine how you and the yacht travel in the water. So check the weather channel and avoid windy and rainy days so that you can dodge the risk of sea sickness and nausea. The last thing you want is to feel like jumping into the water and swimming back to shore because you’re not having a good time!

Outfit Be comfortable and stay safe. If you can, try to wear boat shoes that are specifically for yacht trips (hence why they are called boat shoes) but we highly recommend shoes that are lightweighedt soft-sole shoes like flip flops. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun and heat with a hat and sunglasses. Also don’t forget to bring your swimwear but make sure you take all precautions before you dive into the water!


Beverages –   The yacht we hired for a one night stay had the basic supplies and facilities such as cooking equipment, coffee, tea and milk but they didn’t have any ginger OR lemon OR ginger lemon tea which would be perfect to stay feeling refresh! So bring your own drinks with ice if you’re planning to cruise during the summer time (which can keep cool if you have a mini fridge on board)!

Snacks – Something that you will be craving would be some sour-tasting bites like dry plum snacks or sour chips (which you can shop for in any Asian supermarket). But if you a person who stays away from bitterness then you can always opt for some sweets like some mouth-watering chocolate-chip cookies, fruits, muesli snacks etc.

Beauty Items – Evidently we are going to suggest protecting your skin with sunscreen, even when it’s not that sunny as your skin is still exposed to sunlight. Considering that there was no air-conditioning and our sleeping area was very small, we recommend you don’t forget your deodorant! You’re going to thank us for that!

Medication –  We talked about avoid getting sea sick above and we want you to seriously avoid experiencing it at all costs. Whether you normally get sea sick or your body is quite tolerant to the motions of the ocean, it’s better to be safe than sorry.and bring some pills for seasick symptoms. Also, make sure you don’t board with an empty stomach but don’t also go onboard with a full stomach as it can end with bad news either way.   

Entertainment – The power on board basically didn’t working on our yacht and we couldn’t even use the microwave!  Make sure you check and ask about the facilities provided and if you are able to charge electronics such as your laptops, phones and cameras. On the other hand, it’s a great time to stay disconnected with your devices so take advantage of the moment and kill your boredom with a book or magazine. Check out some great suggestions here.

Hope these tips are useful for your upcoming trip, and let us know if we missed anything important!

Oh and we didn’t forget about the special discount so here it is:

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Credit | Uniqlo Instant Dry Pleated Trousers | Sperry Boat Shoes in Leather | Michael Kors ACCESS Smartwatch | Celine Sunglasses | Calibre Leather Overnight Bag | Uniqlo Australia Stripped Sweater & Trench Coat




Photo above | Bloggers Boyfriend wearing Haspel Seasucker Pants | COS Store shirt


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navy shorts + Stripe Shirt look2 (18 of 5)

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