February 11, 2018

It is quite a different experience as the third stop of our Sri Lanka Trip. As being a very famous and luxury hotel, we presumed Tri Lanka Hotel is situated at a very easy to access location, but our driver’s face said the opposite during the road trip, the trip all the way up to the mountain top. We realised the Tri Hotel’s location is mysterious, isolated  and there is a reason for that. During the bumpy ride on the mountain roads, what awaits upon us are giant ancient trees, tall palm shaves,  all kinds of unrecognised birds’ and monkeys’ singing, and the brushing of palm leaves on the car windows. Located up in a harmonious and mysterious location up in the mountain roads overlooking Sri Lanka’s largest natural lake – Koggala lake, Tri Lanka (founded by Rob Drummond and Lara Baumann) is a sustainable luxury and wellness hotel which is architecturally designed with recycled woods and utilising cinnamon wood branches to feature a cinnamon-clad water tower. Within a surrounding jungle and amongst banyan trees, frangipani and exotic creatures like peacocks wondering around the rooftop in the mornings, we can watch the beautiful scenery of Lake Koggala from the terrace. Our stay is an opportunity to unplug from your devices and be more in tuned with nature – enjoying a peaceful swim in the infinity pool that extends towards Koggala lake or participating in Quantum Yoga sessions. Hotel visitors are also able to enjoy a boat trip across the Koggala lake to Cinnamon Island (about 20 to 30 minute trip) to see how the spices is harvested and to watch how cinnamon tea is made. The library of Tri Lanka Hotel is designed with 270 degrees glass walls and within the wooden and stone building are other treatment rooms. Serving delicious creamy buffalo curd for breakfast with local produce as well as cashew nut butter for the warm homemade bread fresh poached prawns from the lake, the food is also something to indulge over. Tri Lanka is dedicated to getting in touch with one’s mind, body and soul and encourages tranquillity during the experience. See our motion diary of TRI here. We stayed at one of the Lake Villa, highly recommend the Lake Villa with Pool and the Water Tower Rooms.

lake view-4

lake view-2 The view from Tri’s shared “living room” and its infinity pool. Is it a line trying to blend all shades of blue and green together or try to separate them?


In the early mornings, we listened to the sound made from gardeners cleaning the falling leaves under the banyan trees.


The Tri’s library is well hidden under the Bamboo forest and palm shades.



living room-5

living room-4

During the Cinnamon Experience,  while we sipping our cinnamon tea, we got to see how cinnamon is processed by the traditional Sri Lankan family.

living room-3

Our suite, featuring recycled woods, and facing the peaceful gigantic lake.

Tri Hotel Pool area-3

general-2副本 Tri Hotel Pool area-4

poolside wonderbreakfast-3

photo above:

Kurt wearing Philippe Model backpack, Manebi suede espadrilles (similar here), sheer floral shirt and Super sunglasses. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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boat tour living room-2 sunrise-3 Tri Hotel Pool area-11 boat lizard-2


lake view

The view of our well hidden suite from the lake.

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