Bespoke Tee

September 1, 2015

Don’t you have T-shirts like fits you so well that you cant stop wearing them until the prints all faded and the shapes all gone ?

We all have t-shirts we obsessed with.

Recently I discovered Son of a Tailor, a website allow you to bespoke your own t-shirt, so simply grab your favourite Tee and copy the measurements, and it’s all set and ready to go!

I always liked with fitted sleeves, as loose-fitted sleeves / big sleeves always makes my already-skinny arms look even skinnier.

I also hate t-shirts are too long, it does not look clean. T-shirts with A perfect length which does not cover too much of your crotch or can reveal my belt details perfectly will always make my legs look not too short and make my outfit look clean af.

SOAT (18 of 6)SOAT (17 of 6)

SOAT (16 of 6)SOAT (15 of 6)

SOAT (14 of 6)

Dont forget to use my code BOYFRIEND10 for your discount when shopping at SonofaTailor

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