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November 4, 2017

I was asked a lot how do I usually take my own photos when BeigeRenegade or Adam is not around.

Here are some common FAQs.


Q: How do you take your own photos?

A: I use wireless shutter remote controls like these, these, these these. Different with the older tiny little remote like these,(and please please please do not use these anymore!! It kills the vibes, waste your time) the wireless shutter remotes do not require aiming at the camera body, and the range can be up to 50 metres or even more. See my video HERE.

Q: What DSLR camera do you use?

A: I am currently using a Nikon D610 camera, I bought 2 years ago for $1000. When BeigeRenegade is around, we use her camera, Cannon 5D Mark 3. You can get it with half retail price on eBay, and yes, the ones on eBay are legit, you just need to pick the sellers with great rating.

Q: What lens do you use?

A: I am using Sigma18-35 F1.8, and Sigma 85mm F1.4. When BeigeRenegade is around, we use her 35mm F1.4. A good lens is as important as a good camera, or sometimes, it is more important than the camera. I do not recommend you buy these “camera and lens” bundles, they usually offer you some horrible lenses.


Q: What software do you use for your photo editing?

A: I only use Lightroom to edit my photos and then retouch with photoshop. I do not use any phone apps to edit/retouch my photos.


Q: How do you focus when there are obstructions around?

A: I use manual focus. Most of my photos lately are manual focused, because they are definitely sharper than my older photos that I took with auto-focus.

But how?

For example, I locate my bag at where I want stand, and manual focus on the bag before I go standing at where my bag’s at.


Q: What is your tips for photography:

A: Try shoot with good lighting, e.g. sunrise or sunset, do not shoot with harsh lighting conditions.


Q: What camera do you recommend?

A: Really depends on your budget and what it is for! For my experience, it has been such a headache to carry my heavy ass DSLR camera since I am travelling on a weekly basis, and don’t forget you will have to get varieties of lens. My friends @ThatFoodcray and Jelito are using Sony Alpha7 / A7.

Anyway, Nikon is great for street-style and fast focus-control. But I do love using BeigeRenegade‘s Cannon 5D Mark 3, the sensor of Canon 5D mark3 is amazing, it catches colours and shadows much better than my own Nikon D610. Lily Rose the very famous photographer is also using Canon 5D mark3. So get Cannon 5D Mark III is definitely a great option!

Q: I only have a budget of $1000, which camera should I get?

with $1000, you can get a second hand nikon D610 I guess. (without any budget left for any great lens) If it is for your Instagram, I do not recommend you to spend that money.  Also depends on what subject you are shooting:

Portrait: 50mm F1.2

Interior: 35mm F1.4

multi-purpose: 20mm F1.2

I belive Mikutas is using a 50mm F1.2 mostly for her photos, which is AMAZING. If you are getting a F1.8, you won’t get a beautiful blurred background like that. Not as beautiful!

Most of BeigeRenegade’s photos are shot with a 35mm F1.4

I am currently using a Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens for Nikon, but I am dying for a new 20mm F1.2, which is great when you shooting indoor and where you don’t have much space to step back.

If you can’t afford a good camera, don’t get a cheap replacement! It does not help with anything in my very own experience. Save up until you can afford a good one. My friend @Polabur take most of her photos with a phone, they are just as beautiful as some professional photos!

Any other questions? Ask me at the commenting area!

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