Melbourne Fashion Festival with Paul Smith (2017)

March 24, 2017

As Gucci has its distinctive G’s, Paul Smith has stripes, as Louis Vuitton has its iconic crossed LV, Paul Smith has colour and as Fendi had its two characteristic F’s, Paul Smith has tailoring.

Brands use distinctive visual tactics to tell them apart from their competitors and allies, a symbol or sign to let the industry know who and where they are. Paul Smith is no different, only the label’s iconic representor lies in the clothes themselves – cuts, shapes, colours and designs which set the Paul Smith label distinguishably apart from the rest.

Let us explain. Bloggers Boyfriend got in the thick of the Paul Smith label this month at Melbourne Fashion Festival and made the most of the suit to travel in – literally. The label’s pieces are defined by an innovative attention to detail, youthful, casual and playful tailoring and distinctive use of vertical colour (we’re unashamedly talking stripes here people). But beyond the aesthetic, Paul Smith pieces are defined with the busy man in mind. The Paul Smith man is a modern gentlemen with a slimmer built, he has a busy schedule packed with travel, weddings, meetings and parties. He doesn’t have time to piece together a suit or to have stylist and tailor appointments – but he does have Paul Smith.

The label’s iconic design combined with easy-wear materials and cuts means Paul Smith suits are the daily go-to for men on the run without looking like the daily go-to for men on the run. The pieces give the wearer a polished, bespoke and contemporary eclectic aesthetic without the hassle of a typical bespoke suit.

So who is the force behind the Paul Smith label? Well Paul Smith himself of course. With London design roots, the Paul Smith collections are primarily produced in England and Italy while the fabrics used are mainly of Italian, French and British origin. From cloth to cut, tailoring is at the heart of Paul Smith and is confidently explored.

There is bespoke suiting and then there is Paul Smith – for the gent who wants to look fitted but with the odd coloured stripe (because there is nothing wrong with that). This is the everyday suit with just enough flair to make the everyday a little more exciting.

white_house_PaulSmith 副本


During Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017, Kurt wore PS by Paul Smith stripes navy T-shirt, Paul Smith travel friendly windowpane-check wool trousers, signature multi-colour twisted marl sweatshirt and Paul Smith latest Concertina briefcase in navy.






PaulSmith_VAMFF-8 副本


blog01_PaulSmith_Socks 副本


Kurt is a freelance photographer, social media strategist and men’s style & interior consultant who based in Australia. Kurt founded BloggersBoyfriend.com as a place to share his luxury bachelor styled travel and fashion photography. More importantly, the connections with all the bloggers in his work and personal life could be described as “boyfriend duties” – or “tripod boyfriend”, or just tripod – interpreting each blogger’s story through his lens. During the years he has connected with fashion houses such as MCQ Alexander Mcqueen, Song For the Mute, Mr.Porter, LO'real Australia, Accor Hotel Groups and many more. With style icon Jiawa from Beige Renegade right by his side as a powerful "Blogger Duo", they are taking off for Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania in May 2016 to collaborate with Islington Hotel and Thalia Haven. Kurt has dived into Australian style scene and is taking the fashion world by storm with strong relationships and contacts in the industry and a world of knowledge and experience. Make sure you request our media kit and rate card for "one-of-a-kind" tailored collaborations before they are taking off for another journey: Kurt@bloggersboyfriend.com

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