August 16, 2016


So you know where you want to go on your travels but do you know where to go with your skincare problems? Mr. Porter has being the one-stop destination for men to find travel picks for not only a range of fashionable items but for also their grooming and lifestyle needs, particularly what to put on their skin. So let’s have a peak at what Mr.porter is offering for 2016 men skin solutions!

1 How do I maintain a simple skincare routine with Mr.Porter?  
If I was to ask a group of men about their skincare routine, they would look right back at me like I am speaking another language! While many products in the beauty market are catered to women, retail destinations like Mr. Porter has made sure men are not left out in the skincare equation. Our bodies adjust to different weather conditions and environments when travelling so we need to take extra care of our skin regardless of your skin type and that goes for both men and women.  For a quick and easy routine, stick to a cleanser, toner and moisturiser like the AESOP Amazing Facial CleanserB & Tea Balancing Toner and Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream.

2 Why should I deep cleanse my skin during travelling? 
Why is ‘deep cleansing’ so important for both men and women, you ask? Well, the key word is in the term itself. It’s so your face is ‘clean!’ We might be stating the obvious  but many choose to neglect this crucial step for healthy skin especially when travelling. One of the most innovating skincare ingredients in today’s market is charcoal which helps to remove impurities and especially recommended to acne prone skin as well as improved appearance can also be resulted from using charcoal deep cleansers from Mr. Porter. Whether your travelling or not, we recommend using a deep cleanse once a week but no more than that as you don’t want to strip away natural oils from your no cause irritation.
Another tip: After using a powerful deep cleansing product, remember to restore and balance the PH and oils in your skin. Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner from Mr. Porter is perfect for restoring & rebalancing an oily or complicated skin type. Avoid fragranced skin if you have sensitive skin or your rushing between products.

3 How do I avoid looking jet-lag during the flight?

With those exhaustingly long travelling hours, you are bound to become tired and sleepy, resulting in you looking jet-lagged! We recommended taking in your hand luggage a restoring mask which you can use while you are sitting down on your seat during your flight.  Bio-Lifting Cell-Restoring Masks rejuvenates your skin with a boost and enhances a smoother complexion which will help you to be ready to walk out of the plane looking relaxed, energised and refreshed!

 4 soap bars or men’s cleansers- which is better?

While soaps may be be convenient for your luggage you still have to be careful! The soft skin feeling you think you might have from the soap you used might unfortunately be  an illusion as all your natural oils been removed from your skin, which means it destroys your skin oil balance and PH balance.
Solutions: This bar from Mr. Porter deeply cleanses your skin but does not harm and irritate your skin like a regular soap. It’s always a good idea to use essential oils or repairing serums in the evening before moisturising and heading to bed. The repairing agents and essential oils can help to give your skin a signal: “hey we are taking care of this ( the health of your skin), you can stop releasing more oil here to help.” We recommend Dr. Jackson’s Face oil from Mr. Porter and just always remember to use hydrating moisturisers after serums or gels if you have dry skin, as some of the anti-aging serums won’t help stop your skin from dehydrating during sleep.

5 How do I  get the most luxurious and healthy shaving experience!
Maybe not everyone travel like a movie star but you certainly can look like one! Mr. Porter has released a video  with Charlie King from Pankhurst London showing men how to shave well so make sure you check it out when you get the chance!  As we mentioned in our ’10 most asked men’s skincare questions’ there are differently types of shaving techniques which chosen by personal preference, but make sure after shaving, you remember to use a balm to soothe the skin and avoid irritation like the FLORIS LONDON Santal Aftershave Balm or use an aftershave product like the Cade from L’Occitane after shave balm and Aesop shaving serum as we have recommended beforehand.

 6 How to maintain an oily situation when I’m on the go?
Just so we are both clear, it should be acknowledged that oil on your skin does not always mean that it is a bad thing as the body naturally produces oil to the surface of your skin. However, the down-side is what is caused from extreme oily skin like greasiness, pimples, blackheads etc. So, the current state of your skin type needs to be identified before you start making decisions on how to go accordingly with your skincare routine. Is it in fact oily skin? Or does your skin type fall under normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive category? This will make it easier for yo to decide on whether to use oil-free products or if you need oil-based products.
On the other hand, like the Tom Ford’s Oil-Free Daily Moisturiser, oil-free products are great for a matte look and to avoid the shiny appearance. Also, try this Aesop oil-free Hydration serum for restoring your facial oil balance without putting extra oil to your face as it is perfect for summer days but not recommended for dry skin.

7 What can cause my skin from aging?
Do you want to avoid your skin from feeling like sandpaper? Noticing a few dark spots and lines here and there?  If you want the best results, then you’ll have to put in your best effort! From heading into the sun to heading out for a night of fun- your skin needs your TLC (a.k.a tender, love and care)!
Sunscreen is your best friend! In addition to reducing aging, protecting your skin from UV damages will reduce numerous skin conditions which can be serious and dangerous if neglected. As you have probably been told before, applying sunscreen all over your face like the MALIN + GOETZSPF30 Face Moisturizer and also applying sunscreen on your body (even when you are covered with clothing) can also reduce skin illnesses.

8 What if I do not do anything to my skin while I’m staying overnight somewhere?
At the end of the day, we are after all, are in fact human beings and life has its way to make some things inconvenient and unexpected like maintaining your skin routine when you are out and about and away from home.  In such dilemmas where it’s late at night and you are limited to carrying your grooming supplies, we suggest to at least to keep in arm’s reach to one life saver in particular!    It’s practically perfect for keeping in a side pocket of your carry bag or right in your pockets, Dr Sebagh, Serum Repair treats your skin to moisture for a smooth touch.
Skin protection is vital for not just a better appearance but to stay in healthy and fit state. We highly recommend visiting a dermatologist or your doctor to do frequent scans and checks on your skin and body.

 Note: When carrying products and sharp shaving kits and tools please be aware of your flight policies and luggage restrictions! If you are unsure, then it’s best to contact the airline you are travelling in.

We hope this blog post will be useful to you and if you have any questions regarding men’s skincare routines, comment below or consultant a skin expert.
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Answers and Research: Nilushi Warusevitane





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