January 24, 2017

The secret to losing weight quickly, smart, and healthily in the new year – tried and tested by Bloggers Boyfriend. I know – it’s nothing new and you’ve heard, read and played witness to enough health and weight loss tips to form an encyclopaedia but I’ve done the ground work for you. I’ve sorted the fads and fiction, I’ve developed a successful routine and I’ve proven there are certain basics that are about to become your best friend if you plan to start 2017 with a health kick. These tips and tricks are tried and tested by me personally and I’m proof they work.

First of all, consistency – it could quite literally be all the ethos for all my blog posts in 2017.  – The famous Chinese saying, “ 坚持就是胜利” –  It means consistency equals success in holding on tight to the end. People always ask me why I have a decent body. The truth is I’m never a very constant person with everything else or a person with a great diet or hardcore workout routine, but I do enjoy my swimming everyday. When I say every day, I really do mean everyday – Christmas, New Year and even the day after and the night before.

I’m not about to tell you my secret to a banging body is to swim because it’s not. The secret lies in the “every day” part – consistency. I do it  because I love it, and I make it part of a fun and enjoyable lifestyle, part of my life that I get to take my mind off and appreciate the water, the sunshine and the hungry inhale of lots of fresh oxygen. One important thing about doing anything is that you have to make sure you are going to love doing it in a long run. It is your life, and it is not as long as we all think it’s going to be so every day counts. Today is the day.

Besides consistency, there are few well-kept secrets to staying fit and healthy.

2Be inspired.
Work out with your friends, with your loved ones and be passionate and crazy about working out at the same time. I was really used to my swimming pace and went swimming during quiet hours, later I realised that only made me go backwards without any improvements. So now I swim during the rush hours, when professional swimmers do their training. First it made me feel embarrassed as I couldn’t catch up with everybody, but after a while, embarrassment turns to humbleness and inspiration. I realised it helps to push me to train harder and reminds me there are way too many fast swimmers out there that I need to strive to catch up to.
3Eat the good food.
There are plenty of health supplements that claim to “cure” sugar cravings and also claim to help you lose weight quickly. But my tried and tested research has led to some solid conclusions of my own. I always carry a few fresh apples, drink lots of water and take SuperElixir.
While it’s tempting to grab something quick and easy to much on when we’re starving hungry and in a hurry –an innocent apple pies and chocolate included – they’re causing more damage than you might think.
They’re not only bad in the short term but will also open your sugar craving door for forever. Have an apple instead – it’s not only a great quick energy boost, it will also keep you full and help with digestion. Plus, you’re guaranteed apples are completely sugar and preservative free. If you’re turned off the sour taste of most apples, make sure you stick with the royal gala variety.
Always have soup and water before food – it will fill you up and also assist digestion and nutrition absorption. In the wise words of Dr Laubscher, “You’re not what you eat, but what you digest, absorb and assimilate. The body doesn’t always recognise and absorb synthetic vitamins. As a result our bodies reject them — fluorescent pee anyone?” Well said and well rehearsed.
4Be Smart.
Working smart will always win over working hard. There is a Chinese saying – 先三思而后行 – “You should always think about it for three times before you act”.  There is a reason why most Taurus people become the most successful people among the 12 star signs – they are good at calculating and talking statistics. Thinking about your body, taking advice and following up with science can only help you save on money on time. Speaking from experience, I have always stuck with my own routine without reading any articles until I realised I might have been making a lot of scientific mistakes after reading Men’s Health. Have a browse and find out what you may be overlooking in your own routine.
5Face your problems.
Sugar carvings. Enough said. Even me, after sticking with my diet for three months  – almost sugar-free – I still can’t resist the sweet call of a Drumstick. Having a sneaky ice cream isn’t the bad part, the danger lies in that it starts the craving cycle and I started to wanting dessert every day. The key to tackling out of control sugar cravings is to face them head on from the beginning. This will stop cravings from developing into something unhealthily dangerous and keep you in complete control of what you eat. A good tip is to allow yourself one day a week to have sugar and stick to eat – for example Sunday afternoon tea. This will allow you a guilt-free treat and something to satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking to a healthy eating routine. Also, if you need a little helper  – The Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens actually help with your sugar craving at the same time as balancing your body PH level. 

So there you have it – my most closely guarded health and fitness secrets spilled to the world. While I live by this routine and these products, it’s important to remember no one secret will work for everybody so it’s best to host your own little experiment and find out what fits your lifestyle and goals best. This is a good place to start and if my journey can inspire others on their own health and fitness path, then my work here is done.



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