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September 14, 2015

So aloha from darling harbour again.  It has been silently decided that it’s the time visiting Sydney again for spring wardrobe updates. If Kurt has been honest , he would’ve had no idea how Sydney visits can come through just so quickly one by one. Regardless the traffic driving in / out cbd, just say how can one possibly walk between town hall and central station with multiple suit bags and shooting equipments, by that, he meant the 3 kg camera, 4 kg tripod and etc.

Kurt wearing

George Jreige custom made bathrobe coat | Celine sunglasses | Vintage Nike Runner | H&M linen trousers

Stayed at Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour multiple times, always wondered what the huge Chinese garden cross the street is all about, but never had time to plan anything about it. Years after, Kurt had a sarcastic-able free afternoon to do so since someone can not stand his jealousy so refused to see him even though his sole reason coming to Sydney was to solve this problem but accidentally made more problem before previous problem-solving even commence. Well since we both are very free, lets spend some quality bounding time at this amazing blog space.

GJ Coat (19 of 17)GJ Coat (14 of 17) So either it is Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere, it is the best time of the year anyone anywhere plays the most of their wardrobes. ( Fashion Weeks do not happen for no reasons right now )  There are so much fun mixing so many things together. A winter bathrobe coat and linen pants, summer sweaty singlet, your light weight sneakers … etc etc…   

GJ Coat (23 of 17)GJ Coat (25 of 17)

GJ Coat (27 of 17)GJ Coat (29 of 17)

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